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Lyra and Bon Bon: ''Best Friends'' (WIP Sketch) by InfinityDash Lyra and Bon Bon: ''Best Friends'' (WIP Sketch) by InfinityDash
This is probably one of the saucier things I've uploaded (even though it's pretty damn tame relatively speaking)... but I wanted to try something different. And plus they are the one true ship in my opinion :P. This is obviously (yet another) work in progress/sketch, but I really want to finish this drawing, so I'll need to get a proper scan of this (this was taken with an iphone "scanner" app) and actually do the coloring and stuff. I'm pretty pleased with it so far.

I wanted to have them closer together, but the problem is ponies' heads are too damn big. So even though their faces are touching, they still have to be reaching out with their arms to hold on to each other. At first I drew Bon Bon with her hooves actually wrapped around Lyra but that resulted in comically super long arms. So yeah, to have them closer would require their faces to overlap, and I wanted both their faces visible. 

This took me an extremely long time to draw because a) I'm SUPER slow at drawing and B) I ended up erasing and re-drawing like half of this due to getting the proportions wrong in the very beginning so once I finally stopped and took a step back I realized their heads were all out of proportion with their bodies. (I probably could've loaded it into photoshop and fixed things a lot more easily but whatever).
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August 15, 2015
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